Event Rules

Every Event needs to have Rules and Regulations for it to be fair and fun for the competitors. Agility is Agility is Agility. Agility Events have rules per event set by the Hosts to make the event fair and just for everyone that participates to the best of the Host's ability. Here are some basic guidelines. When you participate in Rat Agility Events find out the rules that the host has set up for that particular event.....and stay within the boundaries of them.

Event Rules

Gypsy On The Agility CourseAn event can be competition, practice or just a get together by a few people to work together training their rats.

Only rats that are healthy, tame and friendly are eligible for agility competition.

A rat must be a minimum of 4 months old to participate in Rat Agility competition.

No pregnant does shall participate in Rat Agility.

Rats should never be "pushed" to do a piece of Agility Equipment nor an Agility Equipment Course.

Human contestants must remain calm when working their rats at rat agility. No yelling, fast motion or unruly behavior.

Rats must be handled in a Humane way. Judges may ask anyone to step down from competition that is showing any cruelty to their animal(s).

You are responsible for your own rat's health and safety while participating in Agility events.

Equipment is to be made as safe as possible for the competing rats.

Rat Agility must be set up on a table that is a minimum of 6' x 2' that is stable with no wobbling. The table must be a minimum of 32" tall.

All rats will use the same equipment and it will be used in the same order each "Course Run".

Items of equipment to be used in competition will be announced in the sign up sheet before the event.

Only rats that are participating in the event are allowed in the Rat Agility Table area.

Owners must clean equipment if "nature called" while their rat was competing, however, they may wait to clean up til after their rat completes its "run".

If any rat leaves the course, does the wrong piece of equipment or gets off a piece of agility equipment before finishing the task correctly then the rat will have to be put back to the spot where it left the course and restart from there. Timing will not be held.

Only rats that are participating in the class that is running are allowed in the Event Area.


Novice Rats

Rats that are 4 - 7 months old may only participate in Novice classes of Rat Agility.

A Novice Rat is also any aged rat that has never competed on an Agility Course before that day. For Novice Rats there will be five pieces of agility equipment used in competition. They will be the Teeter Totter, the Hoop Jump as well as a Jump, Balance item and Open Tunnel. The novice class will not use the Sea Saw, Long Jump, Closed Tunnel, Over Under or Weave Polls.

Owners may use their fingers to direct the rattie on the Agility Course, but may not touch the rat.

In Novice group your rat will have XX minutes to complete the agility course.

Advanced Rats

Advanced Rats are rats over 5 months old that have competed before on a Rat Agility Course.

For Advanced Rat Class there will be eight pieces of agility equipment used in competition. The Agility Hosts will choose what type of equipment is used and the course layout.

Owners may direct the rattie with voice only. No hands on the table, no touching the rat.

In Advanced group your rat will have XX minutes to complete the agility course.

Super Rats

Super Rats are those that have competed on at least 3 Rat Agility Courses and are familiar with the Agility Equipment. These are the rats that really move out on a course.

For super rat's Agility Course there will be twelve pieces of agility equipment used in competition. The Agility Hosts will choose what type of equipment is used and the course direction.

Owners may call the rat by name at the end of the course. No hands on the table or touching the rattie.

In the super rat group your rat will have XX minutes to complete the agility course.


Gypsy Training

Spectators must stand to one side of the table and back a minimum of 4' from the table.

Event Judge, Timer and Human Contestant on the opposite side of the table (from the spectators).

Events committee Or Event Hosts will determine how to set up the table.

Spectators need to be quiet and stand still while rats are running the course.

No food or drinks in the events area and this includes spectators.

Rat treats are allowed but must be given to the rat in the rat's own cage so that crumbs will not be left on the competition table thus distracting other contestants.

Events can and some will be held outdoors, it must be made extremely clear on the Event Invitation that it will be an outdoor event.

Please do NOT bring unruley children to Rat Agility Events. Loud noises and fast motion will by people will not be tolerated. Anyone "acting out" will be asked to leave. Rat agility is about the rats, anyone startling a rat or interrupting a rats Agility Run will only be given one warning before being asked to leave the premises

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