Sales Items At Events

Contestants are welcome to bring HEALTHY sales rats to Rat Agility Events. However, the sales rats and sales items must remain in a designated area for sales rats at all times. All fancy rats must also come in a secure locking cage. The seller must bring a box for each rat they sell to place sold rats into for the ride to their new homes as well as written information about each rat for the new owner. (Age of rat, what it is eating, child friendly, ext)

Organized and/or Official Rat Rescues are welcome to set up at Rat Agility Events but rats that are for sale must also stay in the designated area before, during and after the event is taking place. Each rat must also have a box for travel and a paper written with all know information about the rat. No donation jars/boxes/ext. on table allowed.

Breeders that are not participating in the event are not allowed to just come and set up to sell rats. Fancy Rat Breeders may however come and help with the event when needed, thus making them able to sell rats at the event.

Rat items for sale are allowed only if it is pre-approved by the Event Committee. There may be a "table charge" for selling items at some events. Sales items will remain in the designated sales area before, during and after the event takes place. Table costs are up to individuals that are hosting the event.

You are responsible for each of your own sales items, bringing and setting up tables, sales props and personal items. If you are competing and selling you will need to find someone to watch over your sales items while your rat is competing.

WarningThe Agility Rat or any other club, group or persons holding a Fany Rat Agility event will not be held responsible for any personal or sales items that are missing or damaged. Nor will they be held responsible for accidents or injuries to anyone involved.

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